Woman Loves the Season

 Music and Lyric by Dennis Davison


Woman loves the season

and I often wonder why

with a stocking full of nothing

and her empty pocket pride

Never hit the number

and she didnít get the prize

but she saw the winter snowfall

through her little childrenís eyes


Joy is in the giving

for she who never had

Life is for the living

Glad tidings for the sad


Woman sees the present

to the future she is blind

and the clouds obscure her vision

to a past thatís most unkind

Woman dreams of treasure

just to pass on down the line

but a trinket for her pleasure

she is selfless by design


Didnít like the weather

but the climate was alright

as she offered warmth and comfort

through a cold December night


Woman loves the season

and I know the reason why

with her stocking overflowing

and the knowledge that she tried