Dreams of Spring

Music and Lyrics by Dennis Davison


Lemongrass and Clementine

you taste like sunshine

April shower serenade

sweet melody played

Honeysuckle jamboree

Aromatic symphony

Feast of blossom fantasy


Dreams of spring are all Iíve been living on

Bells will ring when winterís cold breath is gone

chased by the light of dawn

Steel gray skies will fade into bluer ones

Spirits rise as sure as the river runs

and desperation dies


Now the blizzard blankets you

You can barely breathe

Desolation conquers you

Frigid demons seethe

Dreams of Spring


Dreams of Spring

Spring has sprung


Now the weather comforts you

Musicís in the trees

Tempting mornings welcome you

to a day of ease

Pleasant life embraces you

Weather made to please

Sunny warmth envelops you

Flowers kiss the breeze